How To Use This Guide

This guide is divided into easy-to-follow chapters. The tabs allow you to quickly and easily find the information you want. You can read this user guide chapter by chapter or use the tabs, and Table of Contents you need to quickly find specific information. Keeping this user guide close to your system will efficiently allow you to troubleshoot and maintain the system.

Conventions Used In This Guide

The following conventions are used in this guide.

     • If you see text in bold it indicates that this is a key located on the Operator      
       Touchscreen. If you see boxed blue text, it indicates that this information is being  
       shown on the Operator Panel Screen.

     • The > character is used to separate items within a navigational path. For example,
       navigate to File > Open from the Main Menu.

     • Icons that are grayed out on the Operator Touchscreen are not active.

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