The placement of colors using PolyJet Studio™ software is different than with its predecessor, Objet Studio™, and the preparation and saving of those files uses different methods. This best practices document provides instructions for color selection with the Stratasys J750 and PolyJet Studio and includes procedures for models designed with SOLIDWORKS, Adobe Photoshop and Rhinoceros software. 

1. Options

    1.1. Shell-Based File Format

    Similar to the Connex workflow, the user can load a shell-based assembly of STL    
    files. With this option the printer operator will need to assign colors, Shore A values
    and transparencies. 

    This option also allows the use of Digital ABS™, Digital ABS combined with rubber-
    like digital materials and other engineering materials, when loaded.

    1.2. VRML File Format

    When using the VRML file format, the designer chooses colors and color textures.    
    The printer operator has no control over the assigned colors (colors and materials
    can be changed in PolyJet Studio only with shell-based VRML files). This option    
    enables full-color printing of rigid opaque models. When using a VRML file, the use
    of clear, flexible or Digital ABS materials is not possible at this time.

For more information, download the full best practices document here.

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