Using too small a tip on a part can significantly increase build times. Example: a part with a 5” z-axis dimension will have 500 layers using a T16 tip, 715 layers using a T12 tip (a 43% increase), and 1000 layers using a T10 tip (a 100% increase).


Determining the part size

         STEP 1: Determine the size of the part; x, y and z dimensions. Remember that
                       Insight displays  measurement information in the bottom-right corner.  
                      General rule of thumb is:

                               • Parts 6” or larger use T16 tip

                               • Parts 3-6” use T12 tip

                               • Parts 3” or smaller use T10 tip

                               • Measure Wall thickness, boss diameters etc.

        STEP 2: By measuring the smallest part features in Insight, such as wall thickness,
                      boss diameters and other features road-widths can be determined.

For more information, download the full best practices document here.

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