ABS soluble support material presents several different considerations from the
breakaway type supports used with some Fortus materials. One is the loading,
unloading, and general handling of the material itself, and the other concerns the
solution used to dissolve the support material. This document will describe the
best practices to follow for both of these.

1. SR10/SR20 Soluble Support Material Change: Fortus 360MC, Fortus 400MC

    1.1 Unloading a partial canister
         STEP 1: Unloading a partial canister (when changing to a different material):  
                      Select the canister to be removed in the user menu and press the Enter
        STEP 2: Pull the handle on the drive block lever, lift the drive mechanism up, and
                      then release the lever to lock it in place.
        STEP 3: Slide the canister out of the bay – the material will snap off.

For more information, download the full best practices document here.

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