Stratasys® 3D Printers provide automated, unattended operation, requiring only periodic checks to determine print status. With the installation of a remote monitoring
system, printer users can check the status of a job from their desk or other location.
The live video feed eliminates the need to be at the printer to determine its operating
status, maximizing productivity.

While almost any off-the-shelf, networked video camera can work, Stratasys has designed a camera mount specialized to the Samsung camera referenced in this document. It can conveniently be printed and mounted on virtually all Stratasys 3D  
Printers with a flat viewing glass.  

Common applications for remote monitoring are:

• Progress monitoring
       - Ensure proper build start
       - Check for unexpected build interruptions
       - Verify expected build progress
       - Validate successful build completion

For more information, download the full best practices document here.

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