Polishing PolyJet™ 3D Printed parts in a vibratory finishing system (also known as a tumbler) improves their surface finish by removing minor surface irregularities and sharp edges. With this process you can save time and manual labor, especially when dealing with large quantities or complex models. A tumbler system can polish multiple parts, hands-free, in only a few hours, depending on the size of the parts and the tumbler. This method is usually performed on metal parts, but it was tested on PolyJet models from the Digital ABS™ and Vero™ material families and found suitable.

The System

The tumbler system is a combination of several elements. The main component is
the vibrator, which is usually a round tub or bowl with a vibrating rod in the center.
The rod increases the tumbler’s working strength and reduces part collisions.

Parts are inserted into the tumbler filled with abrasive material, which is then rotated. As the tumbler revolves, the abrasive materials mix around the parts creating a circulation inside the tumbler. The moving contact between the parts and the abrasive materials achieves the polishing action. The vibration rate can be modified manually according to the delicacy of the models.

For more information, download the full best practices document here.

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