ABS-ESD7 (static dissipative) material is one of the many great materials available
for use with Fortus systems.


The most common finishing techniques required for this material are bonding and
smoothing. For smoothing, sanding is the recommended method. As with all FDM
materials, standard sanding processes can be followed. Note that this material,
unlike our standard ABS materials, cannot be smoothed using the finishing touch
station. ABS-ESD7 can easily be bonded using typical methods including solvents,
epoxies, hot-air welding, ultrasonic welding and super glue.


Safety note: Sanding this material will release carbon particles; the finisher must
wear an N100 respirator (eye protection is preferred).

A carbon additive has been added to the base material to achieve the desired static dissipation of ABS-ESD7, introducing some safety considerations for people who will be handling the material. Carbon elements will be released into the air if this material is sanded. N100 respirators are rated for airborne carbon and must be worn while sanding this material. It is also important to always sand this material in a well-ventilated area away from anyone not wearing a mask. A sanding room with a dust-collection system or a paint booth is ideal. Refer to the MSDS sheet on the Stratasys website for additional safety data.

For more information, download the full best practices document here.

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