Understanding how this can happen will help you position parts in the build area for
best results. Part quality can be assured with proper part placement in the build chamber. 


The airflow in a Fortus 200mc moves from both sides of the top of the chamber, across the build area and then to the bottom. The air is then sucked into the sides and circulated back to the top after passing across the interval heating elements. The airflow on Fortus 360mc and Fortus 400mc systems moves from left to right. The air passes through heaters located on the sides and near the bottom of the build chamber and blows across the build area at the top of the chamber. This airflow provides a uniform thermal gradient throughout the build chamber. 

Just as importantly, the airflow carries the heat that is generated by the head and tip away from the part. Distortion occurs if the part and support materials are not able to cool down to the envelope temperature while it is building.

For more information, download the full best practices document here.

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