The seam location is where the material extrusion toolpath starts and ends on each closed part curve. Insight™ software will automatically identify and select a good location for the seam. Use seam control to improve functionality, aesthetics or quality.

• Functionality:

   − Align seams to improve sealing for gas and fluid handling applications.

   − Move seams from critical mating surfaces to improve the fit of parts in an assembly
      and to preserve assembly tolerance.

• Aesthetics:

   − Move seams from visible surfaces.

   − Move seams to accessible or flat surfaces for easier finishing.

   − Randomize seams on cylindrical parts to improve appearance.

• Quality:

   − Move seams from downward-facing surfaces to avoid blemishes.

   − Move seams from outside corners if build quality suffers due to poor airflow or
      short duration between layers.

For more information, download the full best practices document here.

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