You’ll become familiar with popular manipulation software, gain a basic understanding of how STL files work, learn to fix common STL faults for successful 3D printing, and learn a few additional actions you can perform on an STL to expand your 3D printing options.

STL Manipulation Software

While all CAD software allows the creation of STL files, this process doesn’t always produce a printable file. STL manipulation solutions allow fixing those models to produce 3D printable models, and performing several simple actions to change the model (such as cutting and labeling).

The following list describes popular STL manipulation software solutions, tested to be compatible with Objet Studio. Magics RP is the most extensive solution available. Meshlab is satisfactory as a free tool, although not very easy to use and lacking some functionality. Pricing is not specified, as this greatly varies from region to region. Additionally, most vendors offer several packages. Please consult your local distributor for pricing.

For more information, download the full best practices document here.

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