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This document is applicable for the following printers:
• All PolyJet desktop printers except V3
• Eden260V (software version 27.3 or above)
• Objet260 Connex (software version 28.1 or above)
• Eden350V (software version 36.3 or above)
• Eden500V (software version 50.3 or above)
• Connex350 (software version 37.1 or above)
• Connex500 (software version 57.1 or above)
• Objet1000 (software version 100.2)

Optimizing (Calibrating) Print Heads

The condition of the print heads directly affects the quality of printed models. To maintain optimum printing, you should routinely test the print heads, and calibrate them to the best working configuration by running the Head Calibration Utility as stated below.

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