This procedure describes how to build the remaining portion of a part that has failed during a build either due to machine failure or power loss. In many cases this will be a better option if a part build fails, it is a long duration build or it is too long to start over from the beginning.

This procedure will allow you to build the remaining portion, then glue the pieces together, saving build time and material usage.


Step 1
Open Insight, select “Open” from the File menu, and locate the Job Folder (ssys_[filename]) for the part you wish to build. Load the .SJB file (Stratasys Job File) from that folder.

Step 2
Select “Setup” from the Support menu. Delete the existing supports from the part (these will be recreated later).

Step 3
Determine the layer height at which the part stopped building.

A. If the failure was due to a machine problem, the layer height will be displayed on the User Interface screen, and in the Details screen under Insight Status.
B. If the part stopped building due to a power failure, the method of finding the last
layer will depend on which machine you are running.

For the rest of the Steps, please download the full document here.

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