Hardware may be added to an FDM® part to mimic insert molding. A pocket or hole is
added to accommodate sensors, wiring, RFID tags, fabric, bushings, threaded inserts
or other items. During the FDM build process, the job is paused, the item is placed in
the part and the build is resumed (Figures 1 and 2).


• When placed in the part, the insert must not protrude any higher in the Z-axis
than the layer it is installed in. This is so the tip does not hit the insert, damaging
the tip, head or part.
• Supports for the insert and part must be generated as if the insert is already in
the build. This ensures that there is material below the insert to hold it in position.
• If the insert is not flat, a capture part may be built and used to fill any voids
(Figure 3). 

Note:  Descriptions of all the commands are available through the Insight™software help menu. Many of these settings can have detrimental effects on your parts if not used properly. It is recommended that only experienced users make changes to these values. To ensure the best possible part quality, Stratasys® recommends that you always review the tool paths on your parts and make modifications if necessary, before downloading them to your system.

For more information, please download the full document here.

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