To unpack the printer you will need at least1.8 m (72 in.) x 1m (40 in.) of work space.

Before you start the setup, you will need:
• 165.1 mm (6.5 in.) minumum space behind the printer.
• 50.8 mm (2 in.) minumum space around the printer.
• A stable surface with an approximate height of 80 cm (31.5 in.), capable of holding 34.1 kg (75 lbs.) with a heightclearance of 35.6 cm (14 in.) above printer.
• Access to a 6A @ 100–127VAC or 2.5A @ 220--240VAC5A – 50/60Hz 600W dedicated circuit within 2 m(80 in.).
• Access to a host computer within 3 m (10 ft.).

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